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Center For Universal
Spiritual Principles 

Fort Lauderdale

At CUSP - Center For Universal Spiritual Principles, we practice affirmative prayer to align our thoughts with greater possibilities beyond any condition, without exception. Affirmative prayer is a powerful process allowing all of us to shift our conscious awareness to a greater realization of the good already present in our lives.

We know life can be challenging and the healthiest action to take to help us come to peace in our lives is prayer. Prayer can also be used when our lives are flowing effortlessly. Affirmative prayer keeps us in a deeper realization of our greatest good. Simply stated, affirmative prayer works. There is no greater power than the power of prayer.


Our Prayer Ministry Team is still active and available: If you require prayer support, we are still available here on our website. You can simply go to “prayer support” and fill in your prayer request.   Our prayer team will begin immediately. Please indicate if you would like to receive a written request, and if so it will be sent to you.


Our Prayer Ministry Team is overseen by Reverend Kent Barnard, ordained as a lifetime minister for the Centers for Spiritual Living. He is also an ordained minister through Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN). Our team leader is Reverend Megan O’Connor, a certified Practitioner for ANTN. To submit a prayer request, email Reverend Megan directly at

Our team is made up of Practitioners, from varying trans-denominational and spiritual backgrounds and modalities of practice. Each person on our team adds an individualized and unique approach to affirmative prayer.


What happens when you submit a prayer request? Every request we receive at the Center for Universal Spiritual Principles is treated with love, compassion, respect, and confidentiality. You can request prayer by simply filling out the prayer request form below. When a request is submitted, everyone on our team receives it immediately, using their specialized modality of affirmative prayer to support you. In essence, you are receiving prayer from each person with their individualized approach to prayer, unique to CUSP.


By simply submitting your prayer request, it is already done. Confidentiality is very important to us. So, please know:


-All information you provide in your prayer request is confidential.

-All contact information you provide is confidential.

-All interactions are completely confidential.


Requests are received on a “Love Offering” basis and no one will be denied a prayer request for the inability to make an offering.

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